What are NFT Games, and how do they Work?

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5 min readNov 30, 2022

Every year, the impact of NFT on global technology and industry is becoming more and more visible. About 5 years have passed since the first non-fungible token appeared. And now, we can see how NFTs are slowly penetrating not only the financial but also the entertainment spheres. All in all, this conglomeration created an entire industry called GameFi. The topic of video game NFT synthesis is probably the most talked about. How did they appear? How do gamers feel about them? What are the benefits of NFT games, and how can you earn from them? There are many questions, and you can find the answers in this article. So, all you Octies, get ready to dive into this stuff!

What are NFT games?

This term arose for a reason it has already become completely independent and independent. It combines blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens with traditional video games. NFT Games are video games where the player has control over his earnings and can carry out operations to transfer these funds (tokens) to another game or platform without losing value. You can get various collectibles and use them both in the game and outside of it. You can start, withdraw and exchange your funds with the help of other players or platforms because due to the peculiarities of the technology, your NFTs will be unique and one of a kind.

NFT Games by Genres

NFT games differ from traditional video games only in the technology on which they are built. Their uniqueness lies in the mechanics directly related to the blockchain. However, the genre palette corresponds to traditional video games. You will be able to find games for any taste and discretion. Do you like large-scale battles? Choose NFT Strategy Games. Do you like speed and cars? NFT Racing Games is just for you. The most popular genres of NFT games include NFT Action Games, NFT RPG Games, NFT Sports Games, NFT Racing Games, and NFT Strategy Games.

NFT Games Mechanics

NFT Games offers gamers a variety of mechanics, with the help of which you can easily immerse yourself in the gameplay with maximum benefit for yourself. The main game mechanics include the following features:

Collecting resources

Breading creatures

Farming mechanics

Battle mechanics

Crafting mechanics

Each of the mentioned mechanisms is not desirable but will soon become necessary for any NFT game. Depending on the genres and specifics of the game, these functions can be implemented to one degree or another. For example, many modern games implement farming mechanics, which allows players to earn passive income.

How do NFT games work?

The user experience of NFT games is different from that of a traditional gamer. Moreover, the first thing a user of NFT games needs to do is to connect his wallet. All platforms are loyal and offer simple registration using social networks or manually. After that, you should connect your wallet. You need to be sure that all attributes match, and if the game requires it, install additional software.

In addition, almost every NFT game uses mechanics that use your NFT in one way or another, such as a character, weapon, ammo, etc. In addition, in the course of your development and exploration of the game world, you will be able to find various items to pump your characteristics, which can also act as an NFT.

One of the most popular NFT mechanics today is Play-to-Earn, which allows you to earn income from NFT coins. Summing up, smart contracts can be singled out as the main difference between NFT games and traditional ones. Thanks to them, all information on transactions and financial operations of the player will be stored in the blockchain. This makes the entire game process as transparent as possible and allows you to check it at any time.

What are in-game NFTs?

In-game NFTs were created to provide in-game balance and in-game economy. As a rule, all these tokens exist to support financial processes and the economic component of the game. This game engine allows users to earn income for their own NFTs. Their value, respectively, depends on the value of the equipment items, legend, uniqueness, and usefulness of the items themselves in the game.

How do NFT games make money?

The total player’s income received from NFT games is directly related to the mechanics of the chosen game, popularity, and market sentiment. Several main ways allow users to receive high income from games. First of all, you can pump your NFT, which acts as your character. Evolve it, buy additional ammo that will give you more experience, and accordingly raise the value of NFT.

Many NFT trading platforms offer buying, trading, and shareholding services. Frankly speaking, some platforms offer to rent out their NFT, which formally brings passive income to you as the owner — and allows the gamer himself to enjoy the game.

The Nearest Future of NFT Games

The near future of NFT games looks quite bright and productive. After all, only from 2021 to 2022, the number of NFT games has increased to tens of hundreds. Prices and interest from the global gaming community have risen by 27% over the past year. However, there are still prejudiced points of view from game critics, which negatively cover this kind of project. Nevertheless, NFT games have repeatedly proven their level of reliability. For example, in contrast to all online video games, the level of fraud in NFT projects is extremely low due to their use of blockchain technology. One way or another, the general market of gaming NFTs is growing almost every day. Many NFT companies and creators encourage the Internet community to use NFT games. Moreover, by analyzing the current development trend, we can observe and perhaps predict that eventually, NFT games will be able to supplant all traditional ones. After all, thanks to the variety of genres, the decentralized approach, and the opportunity to earn money, the NFT game process is not only entertaining but also economically profitable.

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