Weekly Digest 21.11. — 27.11.

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3 min readNov 28, 2022


Octies did the impossible this week. We were not just at the center of events, but also had fun! The abyss of activities and many events made last week truly incredible. And it’s not surprising! After all, the New Year’s atmosphere will soon permeate all Octies’ homes. All residents of our lagoon are preparing to decorate their homes because in a week the countdown to the holiday will begin.

Last week passed in an atmosphere of new impressions and adventures. Octies are preparing to spend the last month of this year and are preparing our lagoon for various activities and events. So, in this Weekly Digest, we have prepared the highlights of the last week for our readers. Get ready — we are diving into the atmosphere of the OctoGamex lagoon!

Web3 Ukraine Startup Pitch Day

Our Partnership

Space Cartels

The city falls asleep — the mafia wakes up. Last week, men in long leather coats and tweed jackets visited our lagoon. All the Octies were alarmed because this team checked into our main hotel. SpaceCartels is a P2E game that will immerse you in the atmosphere of the mafia and their adventures. Create your character, get into a brand-new Ford and choose what you will do this night! SpaceCartels is an opportunity to feel like a boss building your way to the top of the gaming world!

Superpower Squad

Get your guns out! After all, last week we partnered with the Superpower Squad team, who have a thirst for adventure! It is one of the few games that will move you into the atmosphere of militancy, struggle, and battle. The first web shooter that allows you to feel like a real space marine destroying waves of aliens. Load up the plasma cannon and try on the role with the Superpower Squad!

OctoGamex Competition

Woohoo! Octies, are you ready to joke? OctoGamex invites everyone to your humor contest! Last week we hosted the OctoGamex Memes Contest — a chance to not only show off your humor skills, but also earn some cash! The prize will be 1000 OGT for a user with a sharp mind. How far can you take a joke? Hurry up!

Giveaway Space Cartel

The cartel is raffling off incredible gifts. Don’t you believe it? Yes, it’s the mafia! OctoGamex together with Space Cartel is holding a giveaway for everyone! Show your desire and become a winner. We offer an incredible prize for the winners! Get your presents from Space Cartel, because they know how to make handier gifts for everyone!

Our Article

And we have not forgotten about your wishes! Last week we wrote about two fantastic games. Perhaps they differ in character, but they do not differ in the mood. The two teams have built a fantastic ecosystem where every user can feel special. For example, in Heroes Lineage, you can feel like a hero with a sword and shield, destroying hordes of enemies. What’s more, you can raise your sword in SkyNity, where you can create your heroes and challenge previously unknown creatures. Defeat them and the reward will be yours!

About OctoGamex

OctoGamex is a multichain NFT Management Platform, enabling Web3 Infrastructure for In-Game & Metaverse Assets. OctoGamex is a competent and universal entry point into the world of GameFi, DeFi, and blockchain in general. After all, every day the Octo team develops innovative solutions to make the complex world of blockchain your comfort zone!

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OCTOGAMEX - NFT Trading Platform

OctoGamex is a multichain NFT Management Platform, enabling Web3 Infrastructure for In-Game & Metaverse Assets.