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Last week in the lagoon began with the most active preparation for Christmas. And it ended with a cozy celebration! The garlands flash with all the colors of the rainbow, and the Christmas trees are decorated with white shiny snow!

Guys, we hope that you spent this Christmas with your family and friends just like we did. Instead, the Octies team joins in congratulating you on this great holiday and wants to bring you the same festive joy with our traditional weekly digest!

AMA With Mix Marvel Game

Last week Octies team traditionally held an AMA session. This time our guest was Alina — CBO at MixMarvelGame. At the AMA we discussed many interesting things about MixMarvelGame and our common vision for the development of our partnership. Authors of the most interesting 5 questions received 100 $BUSD.

Octies, if you didn’t attend this super interesting event, you can listen to the AMA in the recording here.

NFT Marketplace Widget Press-release

Octopuses, finally we are ready to share with you what we have been preparing for you for so long! The OctoGamex team has been working on the development of NFT Marketplace Widget for a long time.

OctoGamex NFT Marketplace Widget is a solution with which you can launch your own NFT marketplace in just 24 hours!

Integrating the widget into your product is extremely easy. You only need to copy the appropriate code script and paste it into your source file.

The widget is designed specifically for games and metaverse platforms that want to provide a secondary market for their NFT collections.

Ready to kickstart your NFT marketplace? 🚀Go to https://octogamex.com/widget to launch your own NFT marketplace in less than 24 hours.


Guys, despite the preparation of an important press release for us all last week, we couldn’t leave you without cool articles on our blog!

So, summing up the year that is slowly coming to an end, we decided to create for you a selection of The Best Play-to-Earn NFT Games 2022!

The article describes in detail the essence and game mechanics of each game. Therefore, everyone can easily choose their favorite!

Once you start writing articles about games, sometimes it is very difficult to stop! So catch another game review article on Homie Wars!

Homie Wars Review is a concise and structured description of the game mechanics, the essence of the game and even ways to earn in-game tokens!

Octies, if you have not yet read this extremely interesting read, then welcome to the links and let’s move on to the news from the world of NFT!

NFT News

Royal Caribbean Cruises Set Sail in the Metaverse

Royal Caribbean is one of the most famous companies in the world, which is a representative of a large cruise ship operator. Now, unlike sailing in the physical world, they decided to go on a journey through the meta-world.

The NFT collection under this project is called “Wonderverse”. This collection contains meta ships of the company, which customers can explore with their own NFT avatars.

In addition to interesting research, the owners of the collection can participate in various mini-competitions within the metaverse.

This innovation of the company can bring real pleasure to customers, as they can enjoy all the benefits of a ship trip. This will help everyone to plunge into the world of comfort of the world famous operator even in virtual mode.

Grand Opening of New Habbo Hotel in The Sandbox Metaverse

World famous brands have repeatedly declared their intention to integrate NFT into their own products. Moreover, many of them really did it and received positive feedback from the audience.

Habbo teamed up with the SandBox metaworld and opened the Habbo Hotel in the virtual world. The main character in this area is the porter Frank. In the Habbo Hotel, players will have to help Frank take care of the hotel by performing various tasks.

In addition to completing tasks, players will have the opportunity to explore the history and development of the Habbo brand!

Country Music Legend Lee Brice Connects with Fans Through NFTs

In addition to global brands, famous personalities also see the future of the NFT industry and begin to implement them in their work.

This time, country legend Lee Brice started to cooperate with the innovative NFT platform Selfie.Live.

Owners of the NFT collection will have the opportunity to watch the artist’s memories during his tours.

Selfie.Live. allows users to upload photos with celebrities to the app. Then, the best of them are selected and provided with a photo in the form of NFT.

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OCTOGAMEX - NFT Trading Platform

OctoGamex is a multichain NFT Management Platform, enabling Web3 Infrastructure for In-Game & Metaverse Assets.