OctoPoints Review

The OctoGamex team believes that GameFi and Metaverse will keep on growing exponentially, getting widely adopted in the immediate future. We’re striving to perfect our product so that it becomes the place bringing every type of GameFi community together.
Community is every cryptoproject’s very core and the OctoGamex team is determined to make every effort to establish such a core, taking in everybody from conventional gamers to professional GameFi guilds.

[1] OctoPoints — Intro
At OctoGamex, we’re convinced that fair remuneration is a number-one principle to be maintained by a cryptoproject for its community to feel special, attended to, and keep its members interested in the project’s life and development. The project-community relationship should be mutually beneficial and be based on transparent and candid communication.

So it’s high time we provided you with more details on OctoPoints — the internal currency of the OctoGamex Community. OctoPoints were devised to reward its most active members and other marketplace proponents.

[2] How do I get OctoPoints?
There are several ways that you can gain OctoPoints as of today. All of them are accessible through the OctoGamex Discord server exclusively (not tradable or transferable).

[2.1] Prime Events

  • Beta Event. All the marketplace features available by this point are currently being beta tested. During the event the Octies — the Octogamex Community members — do various spread-the-word and testing assignments, getting rewarded with OctoPoints for that. We’re going to distribute $5000 USDT & 1000 OctoPoints to the top-50 participants to have stacked the most OctoPoints up.

[2.2] Limited-Time Contests
Since our Discord server was put online, we’ve had 2 contests finished in which USDT and OctoPoint were rewarded.(Invite Contest, Meme Competition). We’re running a POAP creation contest now for our Community with 20 OctoPoints up for grabs(get the details).

[2.3] Daily Activities
We announce new activities virtually every day. You can make 2 to 6 OctoPoints taking part in them. There’s a lot of social media presence for OctoGamex today so they’re oftentimes about supporting the marketplace on social media once news arrives.

  • Collection Challenges. We integrated 17 gaming NFT collections already, and each time it was a media occasion followed by an OctoPoints activity.

[3] Summing It Up
Our marketing strategy and tokenomics features lots of remuneration programs and community building initiatives that enable the platform supporters to earn OctoPoints and other rewards for cheering for OctoGamex on social media. We sincerely believe that our Community is the project’s chief propellant towards an excellent launch. For that reason we’re putting a lot of effort into remunerating OctoGamex allies generously.

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OctoGamex is a multichain NFT Management Platform, enabling Web3 Infrastructure for In-Game & Metaverse Assets.

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OctoGamex is a multichain NFT Management Platform, enabling Web3 Infrastructure for In-Game & Metaverse Assets.