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2 min readDec 23, 2022


The OctoGamex Marketplace Widget is an unrivaled solution empowering you to deploy your very own NFT marketplace right inside your product.

The Widget is your opportunity to launch an in-game NFT marketplace within 24h. To integrate the Widget, it’s enough to simply insert the script generated based on your product’s functionality into your website code.

The Widget is built for games and metaverse platforms that aspire to provide their non-fungible token collections with a secondary market.

The Widget is designed for those seeking to launch their product’s native NFT marketplace in as little time as possible, as it speeds up the process 100 times.

The Widget solves a ton of headaches related to NFT marketplace development and integration. It enables you to save up to 6 months of development time and $200,000 of expenditure.

Besides tackling known business problems, the Widget affords its daily users multiple advantages over other marketplaces. For one, it supports all ERC20 tokens, making it highly flexible for operations with in-game tokens. What’s more, the Widget is 100% free for you to build in, with the option to set royalty payments from resold NFTs.

The Widget supports EVM-compatible blockchains and has no collection listing limits.

With a setup time of 24h, the Widget is going to offer your users such unique marketplace mechanics as multipart trade & trade-in offers (1 or multiple NFTs, crypto, or 1 or multiple NFTs + crypto) and live or scheduled auctions on a secure and audited platform.

The Widget features its own user-friendly market making analytics platform to display such useful NFT data as sales volumes, sale prices, and price action, among others.

To facilitate your product promotion, the Widget incorporates such SEO tools as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel functionality.

Moreover, Team OctoGamex willingly provides marketing support to its partners using the Widget.

In addition to highly flexible functionality, you can adjust the Widget’s GUI to exactly match your product’s design: pick your color palette, set up the header and footer, and tweak the CSS code for the ultimate customization.

With its lightning-fast integration and user-friendly UI, the OctoGamex NFT Marketplace Widget spares your budget from some $200,000 of expenses, empowering you to direct your team’s development resources to other vital needs.

Ready to kickstart your NFT marketplace? 🚀

Go to https://octogamex.com/widget to launch your own NFT marketplace in less than 24 hours.



OCTOGAMEX - NFT Trading Platform

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