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1 min readMay 16, 2022


Hey Octies! 👋 Today we are launching the OctoGamex POAP Challenge. Create a unique POAP that will be used in our future marketing campaigns and earn 20 OctoPoints.

🤔 What’s POAP?
POAP means Proof Of Attendance Protocol, which means you were there when it happened! Like the old concert tickets or badges, these POAPs are meaningful to those who earn them.

⬇️ How do I enter the contest?
1. Design the POAP of your choice according to these specs:

- 500*500 pixel picture dimensions
- PNG file format
- still image (no animation)
- 200 KB max file size
- Round shape

2. Post the picture in the #poap-challenge channel on OctoGamex Discord (multiple submissions allowed)

3. Stay tuned for the actual vote that will happen in our Discord server.

But what is the difference between NFTs and POAP, and why do we want to give them?
Because POAP has its own smart contract, data, and a whole different way of usage, it carries a legacy which makes it a way for projects to show their gratitude to those who earn them.

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