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After a successful POAP creation contest, we’ve finally determined the winner, whose creation is generated as POAP and is now distributed to OctoGamex community members.

NFTs! There are just so many of them! Which NFTs do you own? Which collection would you like to see on our platform? Tell us your opinions by participating in our Community POAPs giveaway.

Hmm…I’m wondering what these POAPs are for? 🤔
Become an official member of the OctoGamex community and have proof of that on the blockchain. In the future, POAP holders will have some benefits, which we will tell you about later.

Terms & Conditions
Participation link: https://sweepwidget.com/octogamex
2. Quote this tweet and tag three friends.
3. Please carefully read the instructions in the gleam, especially the step about tweeting with specific conditions.

The eligible tweet must contains the following information,

  1. What NFT collections do you own? & Tag the twitter of those collections (If you have)
  2. Which NFT collection do you want to see listed on OctoGamex when it launches Mainnet? (One choice) & Tag the twitter of that collection.
  3. Give a brief reason as to why you believe the collection you selected will benefit from being listed on OctoGamex.

Example of eligible tweet:

In case you can’t think of any NFT collections, here are the top 15 Blockchain Games by volume in the last 30 days and their Twitter.

  • DeFi Kingdoms @DefiKingdoms
  • AxieInfinity @AxieInfinity
  • SandBox @TheSandboxGame
  • Metaverse Miner @MetaverseMiner
  • TinyWorld @tinyworldgamefi
  • AlienWorlds @AlienWorlds
  • MOBOX @MOBOX_Official
  • Crabada @PlayCrabada
  • MetaKeeper @Meta_Keeper
  • Titan Hunters @Titan_Hunters
  • Era7: Game of Truth @Era7_official
  • Faraland @faraland_io
  • Elfin Kingdom @elfinkingdom
  • Mines of Dalarnia @MinesOfDalarnia
  • Star Sharks @StarSharks_SSS

The event will last until Monday, June 13 at 23:59 UTC. Following that, we will send the link to mint the POAP to all eligible participants via email.

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