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OctoGamex Ambassador program

If you want to be deeply integrated into the OctoGamex community, join the OctoGamex Ambassador Program!

Since launching this year, the program will go from strength to strength and gain momentum, with more than 500 people participating in more than 8 countries around the world.

Whether developers or non-tech enthusiasts, all of our ambassadors share the same desire to actively contribute to the success of OctoGamex. Working together, we are united by the goal of creating and maintaining a great community.

Who can join the OctoGamex Ambassador Program?

Everyone with a keen interest in the NFT and OctoGamex is more than welcome. The program is not just for content creators, with many of our members will contributing to other areas such as translation, events etc. Constantly evolving as our needs change, it’s a vibrant environment of proactive people. And you can be part of it!

Currently, the program will include six areas, such as community moderation, content, testers, events, social communications and strategic partnerships.

Why join the OctoGamex Ambassador Program?

Becoming an Ambassador comes with some great perks. Apart from being close with the team and getting the latest news before anyone else, you will also receive some other benefits:

1. You will be rewarded with an OctoGamex native token (0.2% of tokens are allocated for the OctoGamex program); From the first day, you will have the opportunity to complete tasks on the AMB platform and receive points for this, which will later be converted into project tokens; a rewards scale with your done tasks as Ambassador.

2. For the amazing partnerships you make, we offer bonus tokens based on the success of the partnership.

OctoGamex has no specific rules for responsibilities. We believe that our community is diverse, and different Ambassadors can bring different skills and talents to the table in helping us grow the OctoGamex community. We’re looking forward to speaking with qualified candidates from various backgrounds. Some of the things we think you can help us with include:
Some of the things we think you can help us with include:

🎨 Content
- Translations of our content/blog posts/documentation;
- Write blog posts and articles about the OctoGamex platform and tools.
- Create videos showcasing the OctoGamex platform, tools, and value proposition
- Design creatives, including graphics, presentations, and memes

👥 Events and Meetups
- Organize, host, and lead local events for OctoGamex
- Organize monthly calls and meetings with the core team and your local community
- Find and relay speaking opportunities to the OctoGamex core team

🧘‍♂️ Social Media Broadcasting
- Promote OctoGamex on various social media and rebroadcast our announcements/messages
- Retweet and repost OctoGamex news and messages
- Respond to community conversations inside and outside of the OctoGamex social channels.

⚙️ Technical Projects and Product
- Be the eyes and ears of our user community, and identify new key products and features that the OctoGamex core team should be developing.
- Test platform functionality and identify/report bugs

🧑‍💻 Strategic Partnerships
- make intros to projects for marketing, business development collaborations
- make intros to game guilds

💭 Other
This is by no means an exclusive list of responsibilities; If you have special talents and other ideas of contributing as an Ambassador, please describe them in your application!

The Selection Process

First of all, join the discord of OctoGamex. As mentioned before, AMB will be very selective about its Ambassadors. We anticipate many applications, so we cannot respond to everyone, but we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

We will divide our program into 3 cohorts. A certain number of ambassadors will be recruited every month. By January 2023, the goal is more than 500 ambassadors.

As soon as the Ambassador is added to AMB platform, we will begin to reward them for their activities in promoting and helping OctoGamex grow!

If you’ve got any questions, you can always ask us on Discord. If you are selected, we will reach out to you! Unfortunately, due to the amount of interest we receive for the program, we may not respond to every application. We thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to onboarding some amazing OctoGamex Ambassadors!

If you are not selected for the first cohort, you will be able to apply to the second as soon as the form is open.


Powered by AMB

AMB partners with OctoGamex to create an incredible Ambassadors Program!

AMB team makes a turnkey Ambassador program and will manage it on the AMB platform. It will allow the ambassadors of OctoGamex to take advantage of the AMB platform, easily complete the tasks assigned to them and earn tokens.

In addition to the ambassador program, you can actively participate in contests/events and earn OGT tokens. Join the OctoGamex discord now and wait for the contests.

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