How to choose the best NFT Platform to start?


NFTs have so quickly invaded our lives that they have become an integral part of self-realization for creators, artists, collectors, and crypto-enthusiasts. In just the last couple of years, millions of fans of non-fungible tokens appeared in the world, and their total market began to be calculated in billions of dollars.

Someone does it for fun, someone collects rare and beautiful digital works of art, someone uses the NFT technology itself, and for someone, it is a chance to make good money. It is not surprising that more and more platforms are appearing on the Internet that provides their services or infrastructure solutions for working with NFTs. In this article, we will try to understand how to choose the NFT platform of your dreams, and what is an “NFT platform” in general. Get ready to dive, Octies!

What are NFT platforms and how do they work?

The concept of any trading NFT platform is to provide services specializing in work, support, and financial operations with non-fungible tokens and digital assets. Such platforms work exclusively on blockchain technology, since only it allows you to maximally secure any user transactions.

NFT trading platforms allow you to view analytics, price, author name, and collections, provide information about the NFT, the ecosystem in which it resides, and most importantly, the functions of buying, selling, trading, auctioning, and renting the chosen token.

How to use an NFT platform?

When starting work with any NFT platform, you need to have several components without which the use of the platform will be impossible. First of all, each user must have a market-compatible crypto wallet to conduct transactions on the platform. As a rule, many modern NFT platforms offer a multichain function, which greatly increases usability for the end user. The function of the crypto-wallet allows you not only to carry out financial transactions but also to securely store your funds. Indeed, to perform operations on the NFT trading platform, you will need coins or tokens. For this, the user needs to study the platform, understand which cryptocurrencies it will support, and transfer them to his wallet. Your final step is to create an account. The registration scheme is the same on almost all NFT platforms. You link your wallet and mail, and voila — you can use the site.

How to choose an NFT platform?

Choosing the most convenient NFT trading platform is a rather personal process. However, it can be not difficult if you follow a kind of instruction. Of course, each NFT trading platform is different from the others, but there is a list of main features that you need to pay attention to when choosing.

1. NFT with which the platform works. First of all, you need to find out which non-fungible tokens the platform operates with. These can be art, audiovisual, or gaming NFTs. Having understood this, you will answer the question of whether the chosen platform suits you according to its type.

2. Collect information about financial transactions. Every user should know the pricing policy of the platform. That is commissions, the price for services for buyers and sellers. Gather all the necessary payment information before choosing a platform.

3. Decide on the value of the NFT presented on the platform. Find out which non-fungible tokens the platform trades in. How popular are they, and what is their cost? Maybe you need to choose cheaper NFT collections to start with. The choice is solely yours!

4. Wallets. One of the most important points that every user needs to decide. As we said above, most platforms currently support multichain and allow users to use wallets from different networks. However, most platforms are not all. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the wallets offered by NFT platforms.

5. List of functions. Pay attention to the three additional functions that the NFT platform can offer. It is apart from the basic financial operations of buying/selling, does the platform provide functions? For example, gamification, auctions, rent, or other additional features.

What are the benefits of NFT platform?

NFT trading platforms have become one of the most popular modern blockchain products. They provide various services and build entire infrastructures and ecosystems using one or another NFT. NFT trading platforms have earned their popularity precisely because of the advantages they offer to their users.

One of the key advantages of any NFT trading platform is its transparency. Thanks to this feature, you always know the entire history of transactions, owners, prices, liquidity, etc. You can always refer to the platform’s metadata and find the information you need.

Equally important are the convenience, rewards, and special features offered by each NFT trading platform. Each platform tries to encourage users and crypto-enthusiasts with a user-friendly interface and a unique and clear design. A variety of triggers, filters, and well-configured navigation will have a positive effect on the possibility of concluding transactions because they will facilitate the search for the desired NFT for the user.

Many platforms guarantee a variety of auction and trading conditions. In addition, each offers different commissions and prices for their services. As a rule, companies conduct promotions that will allow users to receive a certain reward.

OctoGamex — the best trading NFT platform for start

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OCTOGAMEX - NFT Trading Platform

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