How to Claim Your OG POAP?

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2 min readJun 13, 2022


Last week we launched our Community POAP Giveaway which drew more than 4000 new users in the Octogamex community. So welcome aboard Octogamex to each & all of you! The team has got an exciting adventure into the NFT world prepared specially for you. But for now, let’s learn how to get our long-awaited POAPs and a special @OG role on the OctoGamex Discord server.

Claim Your POAP
To be able to claim a POAP, you had to follow the necessary steps in SweepWidget which would get your wallet whitelisted. Provided you did everything correctly, the “Claim” button should be enabled for you by now.

IMPORTANT: POAPs are minted on the BNB Chain blockchain. You need to have enough BNB (≈$0.30) in your wallet to pay the blockchain’s necessary gas fee.

Get Your Discord Role
Your OG POAP will appear in your wallet once claimed. Congrats, you can now claim your special @OG role on the OctoGamex Discord server! To do that, hop in the #🎁: poap-holders thread and click the “🔗✅Verify” button.

What Is POAP?
Proof Of Attendance Protocol (POAP), pronounced as /ˈpoʊ.æp/ (poh-ap), is a software system allowing people to collect NFT badges whenever they participate in an activity, call, seminar, etc. in person or digitally. It’s a tool employed by event organizers to distribute crypto badges — ERC-721 tokens — to attendees of the events they conduct.

In terms of OctoGamex, a POAP confirms your official membership in the Octogamex community — you gain a blockchain record vouching for that in the form of an NFT. This will have certain palpable benefits later on which we prefer to keep secret at the time being.

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